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Pinpoint Oil Leaks Fast!

San Jose Steam Cleaning Services for Your Vehicle

You may see traces of a slick fluid, ranging from black to a mottled yellow, where your car has been parked. In addition, you may be sense the presence of fumes, which suggests a possible oil leak—but where? San Jose Auto Steam Cleaning has vast experience with pinpointing oil leaks.

The 100 psi steam system we use is boiler powered and can do the following:

  • Effectively work on all types and sizes of engines
  • Completely remove any accumulation of dirt, debris, or residue from harsh weather/road conditions
  • Leave the engine completely clear for an extensive diagnosis
  • Locate the leak's location
  • Extend the engine's viability
  • Be less costly than an untreated leak which could destroy the engine
  • Provide information that may have to be used in a warranty

See for yourself how wonderful our services are. Visit San Jose Auto Steam Cleaning or call us at 408-288-7440 to restore your engine to working order!