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Eco-Friendly Engine Steam Cleaning

Green Services in Santa Clara County

We can't change the nature of the substances or matter that we remove from your vehicle or equipment, but we can make sure it no longer becomes a health hazard. San Jose Auto Steam Cleaning complies with state regulations, and we make certain the drinking water that affects Santa Clara County and elsewhere is free of traces or harmful run-off.

Our boiler steam cleaning techniques stand out for the following reasons:

  • Uses less water
  • Does not contribute to toxins in the air
  • Does not combating chemical residue with equally harsh chemical agents
  • Consumes less energy
  • Proves such systems can be environmentally friendly

Our high standards for engine cleaning apply to our Bay Area industrial equipment steam cleaning services, as well. A greener approach to working with automotive and mechanical parts helps pave the way for steam cleaning as the solution to proper care and restoration. Contact us at 408-288-7440 for more information about our services and eco-friendly approach.