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He has always done a terrific job and has been fair with the …

We have been doing business with Jim and San Jose Automotive Steam Cleaning for more than 25 years. He has always done a terrific job and has been fair with the cost. He can effectively do the toughest job.

Terry F. San Jose , CA March 18, 2014

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Thank you Andrew for the awesome job!

After my mechanic fixed a large engine oil leak, I couldn't turn on the car's ventilation system without getting a strong smell of burned oil inside the cabin. I searched Yelp for a place to get the engine cleaned and found San Jose Auto Steam Cleaning.

I brought in the car and Andrew explained how he was going to clean it. He uses a mixture of pressurized steam and detergent to remove the grease and dirt.

He starts the cleaning process by lifting the car and cleaning the engine from the underside and then from the top. It is therapeutic to see all the junk that comes out as he is doing the cleaning. The entire process took him about 25 minutes, and the results are amazing. The engine and everything around it look almost brand new, and the smell of burned oil is gone.

Thank you Andrew for the awesome job!

Elgin B. Mountain View , CA March 26, 2014

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My experience there was AWESOME.

SO my car started to leak oil. Being the frugal person I am, I decided to drive around and just add oil as needed. Well it turns out all that oil is going somewhere, and its not all dripping on the ground. My whole chassis all the way back had oil spattered on it. The tech recommended a bumper to bumper and I was inclined to agree.

My lovely Toyota truck has 300k miles on it, and 300k worth of dirt and grime. So I definitely was expecting it to be pretty expensive to get this all off. The total was $275 for everything, plus you get a free car wash if you mention it! It's really a good price if you think about how much gunk is coming off and the fact that they have to clean and dispose of or recycle all of it. Environmental disposal is not cheap, and I'm glad to know that all my gunk is not ending up in the bay.

My experience there was AWESOME. The guys there are very nice, respectful, helpful, and interesting to talk to. It took approx 30 or 40 min to complete the job and I hardly noticed because I was enjoying their company. Afterword I stayed to finish up conversation until I had to leave.

I like to support family owned businesses and this is one of them. It has been in their family for 48 years and has been a business in San Jose for almost 90. I cannot recommend this place enough, I left there feeling very satisfied even after giving them money, which is the proper way to conduct a business. I will certainly be bringing any cars or car parts needing cleaning to them.

Eric C. San Jose , CA March 26, 2014

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Honest and speedy service!

Had a recent maintenance mishap with my car resulting in the entire hood and area underneath the car to be coated in oil. I was told by a different toyota dealer to take my car here and have it steam cleaned. Not only was it a very quick process but they gave me advice to get reimbursed by the dealer that caused the problem and also removed my hood pad which if left would have caused more oil to fall right back onto my engine. I would definitely recommend these guys if you ever need a steam clean. Honest and speedy service!

Roman Q. Santa Ana , CA March 26, 2014

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THANK YOU Jim for the great service.

This is my 3rd time using SJ Auto Steam Cleaning and Jim is a real true business owner that KNOWS customer service. Brought my 96 Jeep Grand Cherokee and my wife's 97 Ford Contour and he fit both cars in on the same day and discounted the car wash for mentioning "Yelp!" Both cars bumper to bumper were done with incredible detail and they always turn out better and better. Unfortunately, the Ford would not start after the cleaning and Jim tried everything he could to help start it up so we ended up having it towed to our mechanic which turned out that a sensor was bad. THANK YOU Jim for the great service.

Jeffrey R. San Jose , CA March 26, 2014

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I rarely give 5 stars and here are the reasons John and his …

I rarely give 5 stars and here are the reasons John and his son get 5 stars.

0) Polite and professional.

1) Appointment was at 2pm, I got there at 1:45; no problem they took my car.

2) Did an AMAZINGLY through job in cleaning the oil leaking 13 year old Paassat. It looks new. My mechanic was oohing and ahhing as well.

3) Threw in a free car was as I mentioned Yelp.

What I found very cool and exciting was when the car was on the hoist and high power steam/soap mixture was being shot through the engine compartment. There was the loud noise and a steam cloud enveloping my car. I was sitting 50 yrds away. I wanted to get closer but realized probably not a good idea to get close to high pressure steam.

The car is so clean that I have popped the hood a few times just to admire how clean it is. Also I have got down on my knees on the dirty road to gawk at the incredibly clean undercarriage. Ok so I"m a car guy and love my cars like you all love your darn dog or cat.

K N. San Jose , CA March 26, 2014

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I am very happy with the engine cleaning job! I have Toyota Avalon 1999. Leak from the gasket ruined my driveway.
I called 408-426-5869 to make an appointment. After I arrived, Andrew took my car right away.
It took 30 mins, and he even cleaned my windows (at no extra charge).
Andrew also assured me that they guarantee their work. If my mechanic finds something - call him and they will take care of it...
Andrew and San Jose Auto Steam Cleaning - you are awesome!

Teresa P San Jose Auto Steam Cleaning September 7, 2018

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