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Clean vehicles & industry machines in the Bay Area!

You don’t want to tackle huge, dirty jobs for your vehicle and industrial machines. In addition, you most likely don’t want all that muck and who knows what running off your car or machine into your personal spaces. As we love to say, “We are not afraid of the dirtiest jobs!” At San Jose Auto Steam Cleaning, we provide services for a variety of tasks that may be extremely oily and mucky!

We provide the following services:

  • Engine Steam Cleaning: Whether your vehicle is new, old, classic, remodeled, big, or small, we can provide the engine steam cleaning services it needs. San Jose Auto Steam Cleaning treats every engine with the delicate, yet intensive, care it deserves. If we can also save you money by discovering damage before it worsens, all the better.
  • Undercoating & Chassis Painting: Whether your vehicle just received a steam cleaning or doesn’t need it, undercoating and chassis painting can be beneficial for your vehicle. Remove rust or corrosion and have your car or truck better prepared for whatever the roads bring. We work hard to protect your vehicle’s overall framework.
  • Equipment & Parts Cleaning: Appliances and parts are bound to attract grease and other slick, sticky substances. Before long, the build-up attracts more dirt, affects operation, creates odors, and may even attract bugs. Steam cleaning is a must for food, hospitality, and industrial services, and we’re here to provide the services you need in San Jose.
  • We Are Environmentally Friendly: The byproducts of our services are far more than just specks of dust that have been embedded in the grooves and frames of your vehicles and equipment. We follow specific steps to ensure everything is disposed of properly and safely for not just our health, but to contribute to an environmentally friendly practice.

To schedule your Santa Clara County engine steam cleaning appointment, call 408-288-7440.

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  • Providing Excellent Service Since 1927
  • We Are Family Owned and Operated
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  • We Provide the Best Customer Service We Can!
  • Schedule an Appoinement - Work is Done While You Wait!
  • Lift to Clean Stubborn Oil and Dir on Bottom of Chassis
  • Quick-Turn Around No Need to Drop Off Your Car