Why Steam Clean?

Steam Cleaning Services in the Bay Area

Our steam cleaning process is the spa equivalent for the car or truck that does so much for you. Whether need cleaning from trekking to work or play, or has wear and tear from daily use, your vehicle deserves to look and run at its best. San Jose Auto Steam Cleaning can complete a variety of services that can benefit your vehicle. We are proud to provide lifts that allow us to clean stubborn oil and dirt on the bottom of chassis, and we pride ourselves on a quick turnaround time with no need to drop off your car for long periods of time.

Auto steam cleaning services include the following tasks:

  • Removal of the crud that seeps into the engine’s nooks
  • Uncovering leaks or other developing problems in the engine
  • Helping you add value to the resale price of your vehicle
  • Spruces up a vehicle for inspection
  • Revitalizes a car or truck you are gifting to a loved one

We also offer Bay Area industrial equipment steam cleaning which can:

  • Return machine parts to easy running—free of clogs
  • Increase the longevity of machinery
  • Save you money by uncovering trouble spots or preventing damage from happening

Invest in Proper Care for Your Car

We often don’t realize what we may be exposing our car to, especially during nighttime or inclement weather. Broken glass, deceased animals, salt, or other substances left by road crews can all affect the underside of your car or truck. Your vehicle may, unfortunately, become a hideaway for an animal infestation. Even if you never drive far distances, Santa Clara County engine steam cleaning is a small investment towards your vehicle’s care.

Engine care is vital to your vehicle’s performance. If you smell something burning when you run the engine, you may have a leak. Although you may think it’s okay for a leak to go untreated, the leak may only get to worse with time and increase the expenses and damages to your vehicle. Untreated leaks can impact your engine and the overall drivability of your car or truck. With San Jose Auto Steam Cleaning, your engine may be able to be saved. Call us at 408-288-7440 with your concerns.

Why Choose Us?

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  • Lift to Clean Stubborn Oil and Dir on Bottom of Chassis
  • Quick-Turn Around No Need to Drop Off Your Car